What makes Pathways to Wellness different from other counseling facilities is the absence of the white coats and the smell of preconceived judgment. Meeting with a therapist can be (and usually is) overwhelming to those who are dealing with stress and anxiety issues. Walking into an office where everything is crisp, monotone, and analytically placed can create additional stressors, and even self-worry, as it may give off the appearance of a hierarchy—we are the all-mighty therapists who always have everything in life figured out (not a welcoming feeling). Pathways offers a cozy, friendly atmosphere, with a very home-like vibe and heartwarming smiles. There is an eclectic mixture of warmth, gentleness, humor, and animals amongst the office. Because of these elements, Pathways provides its clients with a calming and embracing environment, so clients feel at ease.
— Alice B.

Welcome to Pathways to Wellness

We have been serving the Orange County community since 1991. 

We are a team of well-trained and highly-qualified therapists who work with individuals, couples, and groups in a variety of formats. 

Most often we work with individuals who are struggling with anxiety (including shyness and social phobia), depression, those who are making transitions in their lives, suffering from grief, loss, trauma, illness, and addiction.

In addition to individual counseling, we assist those with family and parenting issues and with couples who are looking to find, create, and maintain great relationships as well as couples who are trying to recover from divorce or loss of love.

At Pathways to Wellness we also offer workshops and trainings for clients and for healthcare professionals.  Discover all about our upcoming trainings and resources we recommend for your personal and professional development.  We add new programs and services regularly, so please let us know what your needs and interests are, and we will do our best to accommodate you.